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Drama For Dancers offers unique Workshops for all dancers. The workshops are suitable for any age and level of experience.​

Presence and Imagination

Have your students ever struggled with doing a triple turn while trying to make the audience believe they’re Anne Frank?

When you ask your students to smile do they sometimes give you uncomfortable, forced smiles?

Do they always pull the same serious face when doing a contemporary routine?

Do you sometimes feel their energy stops at the end of their fingertips?


Then this is the right place to be!

Through a series of improvisations, exercises and games we will explore the key elements of a great performer and give the dancers ideas on how to approach any dance from a storyteller’s point of view by giving every step the meaning, energy and space it needs.





Choreography Workout


During this dance class, students will learn a short routine and work on it with the aim of finding a meaning in each step and seeing how that meaning affects the dancer’s whole body.


Note: This class is a great add-on to the Presence and Imagination Workshop as it gives the students a chance to use what they’ve learned there in a practical way.


In this workshop, we dive straight into exploring what possibilities our bodies have. With the help of music, rhythms, pictures and each other as inspiration and stimulus to create movement and phrases, we can expand our creative range and nurture our imagination. 

This workshop will also focus on the key elements of contact improvisation and partner work; trust, weight sharing, and kinesthetic listening.


The A Team


A fun, energy filled class with loads of icebreakers, group acting games, trust exercises and improvisations! Perfect class for any group! (Ideal for the start of any Holiday Course or Intensive)


The Confident Performer

Confidence and self-belief is the key to a happy life in the performing arts. In a world where Instagram is everything and we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, it is good to take a step back and learn what makes us unique.
This workshop is based on self-empowering trust exercises along with fun games and group conversations.

Not finding that specific something for your group? Send us a message using our contact form and we will find a bespoke solution for you!

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